About us

Monologue Artwear was established on 2011 with our first product is made for special order only. We’re continue producing cloth, mostly t shirt to endorse rock/metal Indonesia local band.
A lifestyle brand that transforms the latest trends into accessible fashion, MONOLOGUE ARTWEAR product offerings have diversified to include t-shirt, hat and soon we will release hoodie, pants, and shirt, that inspire with our interest of art, extreme sport, and music.
Monologue Artwear is not just about mainstream products. We keep trying making our own characteristic for each of our products. By having own characteristic of each products we hope will have a specific identity for all our products.
We will start expanding our market from Sumatera, Java, and Bali real soon.

Monologue Artwear timeline

2001 - 2003
Monologue Artwear designing a community tshirt for ManiakBoardRiders West Sumatera.
Designing web logo for Aeloita Resort Mentawai

Making first varsity jacket for high school students and tshirt for ManiakBoardRiders.

Producing personal shirt and tshirt for very limited edition orders and purpose.

2006 - 2010
On hiatus

2011 - 2012
Starting producing monologue t-shirt.
Making t-shirt for Padang, West Sumatera Indonesia local band Ghostbuster, Ardana, and Honotjoroko.

2016 – 2017
We are still keeping up the good work.

2018 - ...
We start again

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